A friendship made at The Orchards Club House

Resident feedback has asked for deeper connections within the community. Your ORA is here to foster friendships with the concept of FORA. The season for friendship blooming is here!
Our Orchards community culture is more than 8-acres and a building. There is a heart beat of community and setting up deeper routes in The Orchards. Long life friendships are established daily and we want to recognize and foster this important aspect of community.
It sharts with all our community team members being open to connecting with their neighbours and engaging in our events, clubs, programs or taking the risk of saying hello. FORA is for everyone! All ages, demographics and like minded
Daily there is opportunity to establish a connection around the community. But specifically your Orchards team will be Ambassadors of FORA and helping create connector events and opportunities to make friends. Connect at clubs, events, or just playing at the park!
Be open to engaging with others and know that kindness is the culture of your Club House. Once you or your family have found a friend then please share. here. Once you have done the form, we will reach out about our FORA Tree and would love to have a photo of you and your friend or use cute avatars to share your story.
Anonymous if great, but your story matters and might spark another friendship.
A winning FORA (is plural and could be a group of friends) will win $300 towards a FORA get together on us! Draw happens December 15, 2023.